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Home Security

How To Improve Your Home Security


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eBooks like this may help get you ready to find out if in fact your home is as burglar proof as it can be.


It has been reported that a burglary now happens every 15 seconds.  As such, the chances of your own home actually being at risk from a break in are greatly increased, and it does not matter where you live. maybe this free eBook will help you stay safe!


However, when people think of a break in, they think of someone gaining entry in to their home through breaking some glass or smashing down doors.  Yet there are certain things which could actually extend an invitation to those unwanted intruders to make an attempt at getting into your home.


There are many places which are vulnerable to attack from an intruder to your home, and therefore you must set up a routine which will then provide them with less opportunities of attempting to break in. Below, we look at what are considered to be some of the weak areas in your home security routine which could help to prevent any kind of break in from occurring.



Although you may think it is a great idea, lending keys to family and friends, as well as those people carry out work in your home, greatly increases the chances of your keys being placed into the wrong hands.  Although the people you provide a key to might be completely trustworthy, you can not control where the keys are once they are out of your hands, and the chances of them being duplicated are greatly increased.  So it is important that you think about whom you are issuing keys to, and keeping an eye on the master one that you have with throughout the day.  Also, never place keys in those secret places outside the home, as the smart burglar will know where exactly to look for them.



Those doors which have handle locks are very easy for a burglar to get into, as all he requires is a plastic credit card.  Therefore it is best if you install good quality deadbolts to all entry points (doors) into your home.



Although you may have installed a very good lock to your front or back door, they are only as effective as the actual strength of the door itself.  Unfortunately, the weakest area around any door is where the lock is located, and this is especially true for wooden doors.


Sliding Patio Doors

These security doors have several distinct disadvantages to them when compared to other doors.  The main reason is that they come with much less sophisticated locks on them.  There are even some much older models which, unfortunately, can be easily lifted off of the tracks that they run on and provide any intruder with a way of gaining easy access to a home.



Windows which are left open and unattended not only provide intruders with access, but they allow them to quickly view what is available to them.



Both shrubbery and trees provide a way of allowing intruders to gain access to your property.  Not only do they provide ideal coverage, but can also provide them with ways to gain access to your home easily and quickly.


Above we have looked at areas of the home where assistance can be provided to would be intruders to your property.  But in this book, we will be taking a closer look at some ways of improving your home security, and hopefully help to prevent intruders from wanting to try their luck and break in.


Lawn Care

Caring For Your Lawn

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Men have had fights over it. It’s a battle of suburbia that has yet to be won. They all compete for the coveted prize with the best machines made by man. Lawn care has actually become a competition these days. Do you want a lawn to make your neighborsjealous for? With Free eBooks like this, maybe you can be the King of the Walk!.

Lawns, yard, and grass: everyone has a name for that green space, but what it really is, is your own little piece of the earth. You
own it, you take care of it, and you’re responsible for it. It needs you! And, you need it.


Our lawns have become a major player in our eco-system, after all it covers about 50 million acres in just America (2003 estimate).
That means what you do is multiplied thousands of times over, every day in our country. So it’s important that you do things right and stop flying by the seat of your pants just because that’s the way you’ve always done it.


Besides keeping your house from sinking into some dark abyss, your lawn is an important part of our environment. Environmentally, turf grass reduces carbon dioxide emissions, mitigating the heat island effect commonly found in our urban environments.


Lawns also reduce energy consumption through its cooling effects and contribute to efforts to reduce global warming trends. Grass reduces soil erosion by holding the soil in place during heavy flooding. Just 2,500 square feet of lawn not only absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, but it also releases enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe.


It can say volumes about your pride as a homeowner. It can say volumes about your lack of pride as a homeowner. The truth is that if you live in a community that thrives on the way houses look – ala Stepford – then lawn care is important to you!


But what the experts say is true: grass and lawns are an important part of the environment. Let’s face it: your turf grass, lawn, yard, or whatever you want to call it, is pretty cool. Not only does grass smell good when you mow it, but grass feels good to walk across. My kids like playing on it, and my dogs definitely like it for entirely different reasons. Grass looks pretty in the early morning with the dew sparkling across it, or in the fall when the first frost settles in.


The only thing all that lovely lawn of green grass asks is a little care, a little patience, and to be fed and groomed occasionally. Pretty much what your kids expect, except you’ll never have to set up a college fund for your grass.


Believe it or not, some people feel that a beautifully manicured lawn is a hazard to the environment. They feel they are unhealthy habitats that consume not only time, but also precious resources In actuality, a well manicured and well taken care of lawn can actually be a thriving eco-system that can help all sorts of living things thrive and grow. But this book isn’t really about that part of keeping a great lawn.


What we hope to do in this book is to help you realize your dream of having a beautifully manicured lawn by using the techniques and tricks that are used by professional landscapers.


Many times, there are people who believe that having a beautiful lawn requires the use of harmful fertilizers and other components that can damage the environment. The reality is that you can have a beautiful lawn without harming the environment.


Once you learn all of the particulars, we’re pretty sure that you’ll be amazed how you can achieve a beautiful front yard, back yard, and side yard – a beautiful lawn that your neighbors will be envious of. What do you really need? Well, we’re going to show you. How do you take care of it? We’ll show you that too.


You can have a beautiful lawn and get rid of all the critiques  from those natural people. There are many, many ways to cultivate and take care of your lawn without compromising on environmental concerns or taking up a bunch of your time.


Experts agree that a great lawn can be a reality. How do you achieve that? Read on, dear friend, read on!


Energy Efficient

How To Make Your Home Energy & Cost Efficient


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Most of us have some big and some small things that they can do to better the cost efficiency of home. Whether you just want to drop a few dollars off of your gas bill or you are looking for a better way to fuel your home altogether, doing just a few things can make a tremendous amount of difference in your home. We hope you can save money with Free eBooks like this.


Why bother with cost efficiency? You can afford the bills so why bother? Many people will be shocked to learn that they can lose up to 25% or more of the energy in their home without the need to. You literally could be flushing your money down the drain.


The good news is that making your home energy efficient does not have to be overly challenging. It also does not have to be overly costly either. There are some changes that will cost a decent amount of money to implement into a home. These are usually the things that need to be taken into consideration if you plan to save a great deal of money.


As you will see in this e-book, there are plenty of things that you can do to better your home’s ability to use energy more wisely from just about every aspect you can imagine. But, in our first chapters, we need to take the time to really analyze if in fact making the change is worth it.


There are some products and some companies that do promise that you will save a great deal of money and you wind up investing a great deal to wind up not saving anything.


The best thing for anyone that is looking to improve their home’s ability to use energy wisely is to take a good look at what the product or need is, how it is used, the cost of the product and the cost of the installation and then determine if in fact it has the potential of making up those funds through energy savings. Some won’t. Others will.


Throughout this e-book you will learn things that you can do right away to improve the energy efficiency of your home. You will also learn different ways to save money on everyday needs that you have. You will find yourself saving money and living in a more efficient and environmentally friendly home.


Green Houses

Growing Greenhouses

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A growing number of people at least have one greenhouse story to share. Free eBooks like this should shed some light!


The idea of growing food at controlled temperatures all year round and extending the growing season have set fire to people’s imaginations. No wonder the greenhouse building industry has recorded phenomenal growth.


From construction plans to tools and accessories for greenhouses, individuals are working on all fours to satisfy the increasing demands of consumers who have made building their own greenhouses top priority. This trend, which started humbly in the 70’s, is now a fullfledged endeavor on the part of greenhouse entrepreneurs and “homesteaders.”


One greenhouse story told by a woman was particularly moving. Months before the spring, her husband bought the materials required for building a greenhouse. His plan was to attach it to the house.


The woman had protested because he was at the same time going through radiation and chemotherapy treatments for his cancer. His wife said he should be resting instead of puttering about with shelves and glass and plastic.


What he said broke her heart. He wanted to build and finish the greenhouse while he still had some strength left, because he knew for a long time that she had always wanted one in their backyard. He said he wanted to see the joy in her face when she started planting her tomatoes or gardenias or whatever else she wanted to put there.


Greenhouses are an extension of our personalities. Most especially, it mirrors our soul and what we want from life.


And what we want is a steady supply of home-grown healthy food. During these precarious times when terrorist attacks and life-threatening calamities can cast us in the dark indefinitely, we have one thing we can be sure of – the tomatoes and cucumbers that are in the food basket in the kitchen will tide us over should the country go on emergency mode. The sweet potatoes and carrots will be around, and there will be more from the greenhouse to feed our families for a few weeks before things return to normal.


Not that we believe that a shortage will ever happen, the country has become much more prepared for any kind of emergency, but just on the off chance… If greenhouses can save our lives, we may, at some point in time, consider the idea of building one soon, a first step towards self-sufficiency.


It’s not just a constant supply of healthy food that concerns individuals, but a greenhouse – and building it – can be sources of pure enjoyment and clean fun for everyone in the family. Most greenhouse owners are familiar with the advantages of growing their own plants and flowers, prolonging the growing season and the possibility of heating their home. And who knows? They could be selling fresh produce in the communities they live in.


There are many greenhouse models to choose from. You can go from affordable to very expensive. You can build a greenhouse by using junk or a plastic film stretched over a rudimentary structure, or purchase elaborate metal and glass pre-manufactured sunrooms.


Each of them serves the fundamental function of extending the growing season. Even the question of irrigation can be simple or complex, depending on your preferences.


Just want to make it a hobby? Why not? Homeowners attach theirs to their homes. Even schools have greenhouses built by elementary and high school students.


Finally, the wholesome taste of a home-grown tomato! Everyone knows there is a difference. But really, between you and I, it goes beyond just tomatoes. Perseverance, labor of love and the sweet anticipation of “harvest time” are what truly matter.

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